Inverter Kit

This kit includes all parts for the control logic of a 3-phase inverter and it's interface to a power stage. That means you will need to design your own power stage. The reason is that power electronics are expensive and heavy. So first of all I don't want to stock them, second of all I don't want to ship huge parcels.

I no longer sell IPM versions because no one ever ordered one and they are hard to source for DIY builders anyway.



This kit is offered as is for educational purposes. I can not be held responsible for any damage, death or injury that may be caused by your high power project. You have decided to build your own inverter so you are responsible for what you do. Power electronics in the hand of the utterly uneducated can cause fire and electric shocks. So educate yourself before attempting to play with it. This includes reading pages outside this web page as well.

Here is the complete part list:

  • 3 dual gate drivers
    • PCB
    • 2 DC/DC converters per driver
    • 2 A3120 gate drive optocouplers per driver
    • all needed resistors, capacitors and pin headers
  • 1 sensor board
    • 2 closed loop hall current sensors (800A)
    • 4-channel OpAmp
    • JCurve temperature sensor formed like a lug, so can be directly mounted on heat sink
    • all needed resistors, capacitors and pin headers
  • 1 main board
    • Olimex STM32-H103 MCU board
    • Buck converter
    • 4-channel comparator for over current protection
    • 3A Output transistors for digital outputs
    • all needed resistors, capacitors and pin headers
  • Connectors
    • Ribbon cable
    • 24-pole pin header connector
    • 16-pole pin header connector
    • 14-pole pin header connector
    • 24 single row pin header connectors
    • USB to TTL converter for software installation and configuration

If you buy this kit, you need the following parts to complete the inverter:

  • IGBTs (400A, 1200V or less depending on your requirements)
  • DC bus caps (elcap or filmcap, depending on your requirements. 800µF or more)
  • Snubber caps (about 1µF film cap)
  • Heat sink and case
  • waterproof cable bushing for power cables
  • waterproof connector for control signals
  • Mounting material for fixing the PCBs to the case (screws, angles)


Prices and Ordering

The cost for this kit is 240€ excluding VAT and shipping. To order a kit send an email to

When ordering from inside the EU you will be charged 19% VAT unless you have a VAT id number. When ordering from outside the EU you will have to pay the VAT of your country.

Shipping is 15€ for most contries.

You can pay via paypal or preferably using SEPA wire transfer. Payment currency is always €.


  • Controller


  • Mainboard Version 2 Schematic

    Schematics and Instructions

  • Boost Mode Connection

    Battery Charging

    A unique feature of the inverter is it's ability to charge the battery. It can take a DC input voltage and either step it up or down to the battery voltage with no additional components. The DC voltage may be supplied by a simple 1 or 3-phase bridge rectifier, a PFC correction circuit or any other DC source like a solar panel.