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I am receiving more and more e-mails with general questions about EV conversion or questions from people who never bought from me. I have in-depth practical knowledge about motor control, power electronics, software and EV conversion in general.

I have therefor decided to formally offer consulting as a product. One hour of my time for 66€. For less than 10 hours it is to be paid upfront, for more than 10 hours I will accept a 50/50 split.

You decide how you want to use my time. You can let me add features to the software, talk to me via Skype, phone, Signal or E-mail. Possible languages are English and German.

Let me know in advance how many hours of support you will need and which topics you want to talk about. I will keep track of the time actually spent and refund any overpay. Granularity is 1 hour, so only 30 minutes is not possible.

I will keep sharing knowledge and source code for a general audience on this web site and on forums. It is only individual projects and questions that I can not support free of charge.

"Just a quick question"

 The above process is a bit too bureaucratic for asking a quick question. Still, even quick questions take time to answer. I have to read it, think about it, maybe research and finally answer. To maintain a balance between giving and taking here, too, pass along a 30€ paypal transfer with your e-mail. Don't overdo it, a whole catalogue of questions is not "a quick question".